MegaPro Studio GMGS SoundFont

MegaPro Studio GM / GS SoundFont has been professionally produced in a particular way for musicians, singers and home studio recording lovers, giving them the feeling of using instruments as realistic as possible. With this latest work, we have reduced the number of GS instruments little used in midi bases and by almost all musical genres, thus giving greater quality to the instruments most used in the 128 GM presets. In addition, the battery kits have tried to improve quality by using samples from the best brands of batteries and cymbals.


    GM/GS SoundFont Format

    700MB of space

    312 GM/ S MIDI Instruments

    14 Drum Kits

    1SFX - 2FX

    HQ True Stereo Samples

    24000 Waveforms

    WIN, MAC, Android

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394.13MB RAR Download

EUR 36.90

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