MEGA GM/GS, is the most anticipated version of GM/GS SoundFont that every musician has always wanted to have as a travel companion to perform all types of music and concerts. The only GM/GS SoundFont that provides professional and exceptional sounds sampled to perfection. We all know that Sound Canvas SC88 Pro is one of the most powerful sound modules of all time, and thanks to its popularity among Roland users, that we are excited to bring MEGA GM/GS to the market. If you love the sounds of Roland SC88 Pro, you can check and compare the sounds of MEGA GM / GS SoundFont. By using our unique sampling method, you can be sure that the midi file will look better.


    GM / GS SoundFont Format

    890MB of space

    811 GM / GS MIDI Instruments

    25 Percussion Sets / Drum Kits

    48 Banks / 811 Instrument Variations

    HQ True Stereo Samples

    13200 Waveforms

    GM / GS Midi Created From Roland SC-88 Series.

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528.18MB RAR Download

EUR 48.90

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