SC88 Kit Drums SoundFont

When it comes to working with acoustic drum samples, the advantages of using commercial software such as EZdrummer, Addictive Drums or BFD2 are more than obvious. These virtual tools are available in multiple formats, have a lot of speed levels, but also have substantial prices. GoldMidiSF2, after careful research and study, has created a collection of Drums enclosed in 100Mb of samples, all organized in a single soundfont "GoldMidiF2 SC-88 Drums". With this bench, we have faithfully respected the GM / GS table of the Roland SC-88. All the work was done with excellent samples in order to reproduce midi files and various musical genres with the best quality.

Drums List

    Standard 1

    Standard 2




    TR808 / TR909






    Kick & Snare



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EUR 5.90

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