SFXGM SoundFont

SFXGM SoundFont, is the Yamaha XG version for all owners of MIDI GMXG format, who have always wanted to listen to their MIDI collection with the best possible quality and perform all types of musical styles. The SoundFont provides professional and exceptional sounds with high stereo quality. We all know that YAMAHA XG is a little dated, but given the requests that come from our admirers of various international countries, we have spent a little of our time to re-propose something that must not be missing from your SoundFonts collection.


    SFXGM SoundFont Format

    650MB of space

    128 GM MIDI Instruments

    400 XG MIDI Instruments

    3 SFX Kit

    18 Percussion Sets

    13600 Waveforms

    HQ True Stereo Samples

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397.3MB RAR Download

EUR 20.90

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